Two – Crazy Wonderful

Alex and Hailey today turned TWO! How did THAT happen?

Somewhere along the way I stopped writing, but kept living.

I stopped writing and it became harder and harder to even know where to start, since living was so completely full of new experiences, laughs, events and love. And I think…it just became time to use that little bit of extra time to keep on top of it all, instead of writing about it!  But I might be seeing some clear patches ahead.  As the girls get more independent and life a bit more predictable, I MAY get back to blogging, ruminating on life’s little miracles and challenges, and generally making observations that may, or very well may not, be of interest to others.

And you know MOST of it will be about my hearts, Alex and Hailey, who today turned TWO!  How did THAT happen?  When did I go from wishing Hailey would finally walk to having two little girls, no longer babies, who not only run and jump, but sing the alphabet (which Alex is currently doing in her bed instead of napping), tell me they are ‘Two old” and hold up two fingers, and who rebel at every turn when we try to assert our will over them? My gosh – they even have little devilish senses of humour developing!

What a ride this has been already. It’s going too fast.  A cliché, I know, but seriously.  I wish I could be on a reality TV show just so that I could capture all this crazy wonderful that is my life, and theirs. But it’s not as if the camera isn’t on.  Any of you that follow Facebook are WELL aware that I’ve got it covered from that angle.  Shall we recap a few of the best?  We’ll start with today.  Here’s the girls showing me they are two today!


It’s my second birthday and I’m TWO!


Me too – I’m “Two old too!”


Although their big ‘parties’ were cancelled due to all of us having colds, you know we’ll have lots of great photos to capture, and more memories to last a lifetime.

What was your favourite thing about your two year old?  What was the absolute worst?  How did YOU handle it?  With these two little devils, I’m sure I’ll need a few tips from those in the know!


6 thoughts on “Two – Crazy Wonderful

  1. “Terrible twos, horrible threes, fucking fours” is a quote that resonates with me at times. Sometimes they just don’t make sense. Stick to your guns always, love them a lot, hug them tons, stay patient and calm, cherish the cute things they do. Things eventually get really fun once you can reason with them. Continue your great job and caring. You’re doing fabulous!

    1. Stay patient and calm. Yes. That. Ok. I got it. Let’s do this thing. *cough* *cough*. Except when I’m sick, right? Then I can just be real? No? Well. That just sucks. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Alex and Hailey!
    Sometimes I think being too busy to blog is a good thing — especially when it involves two precious little girls. Everything they say about “it goes so fast” is true — and then some.

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