Back to Normal, whatever that is

Life, as I have known it since late January, is now over. Thank the freakin’ happypants people!

Yes, I finally got the work one week ago that I could go ahead and remove a VERY offensive fashion insult from my arm (my humeral cuff), expose my tender, rotting flesh (yeah, sorry about that – it is true tho) to the (now that it’s JULY) sun’s intense heat, and move ON.

Here’s a top ten list for ya.  The top ten things I was SO HAPPY to be able to do again!

  1. Do up my bra and undo my bra.  Easily.
  2. Wash my hair with both hands.
  3. Wash my face with both hands.
  4. Dry my body with both hands.
  5. Pull on my panties, my pants, shoes….the list goes on….WITH BOTH HANDS.
  6. Oh, yes, the girls.  Tickle with both hands.
  7. Change my girls’ diapers without risking a major incident.
  8. Swim with them and swim in general.
  9. Hug them, and my husband…with both hands.
  10. Go to physio and get on with it, for criminey’s sake.

Back to normal.  Whatever that is.  Here’s to a great summer, everyone!


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