Good Reads of the Day: A Selection

You know, every day I find time to hit my Feedly stream, I spend time clicking through and reading on Twitter, and I see great stuff posted on Facebook. I consume, digest, ingest, and ruminate over words, emotions, experiences of others and then I share, along with a few short words, the things I have read that resonate with me.

Today was just one of those days when there was a lot of very diverse, and very thought provoking, words composed and read. Here, in no particular order:

Mitch Joel reminds us We are all created equal
Gene turns 50 Shades
A 5 year-old girl’s life will never be the same
Women, even superb women, aren’t superwomen

I wish I had enough time in my life to write about my feelings on each of these. I don’t. But I was affected by each of these articles, in some instances, profoundly, and so I thought it was a remarkable day.

What did YOU read today that had you reeling?


Questions or comments?

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