You know, I don’t know how other Moms feel, but is your head just CONSTANTLY overloaded with STUFF? It’s just all a clutter up in there, ya know? It’s the ultimate in multi-tasking, being a mom, and that is without factoring in holding down a professional job (even part time) and these days, being slightly handicapped by a very itchy, often stinky broken arm – which yes, is STILL bound up and has been since JANUARY.

A few weeks ago I did it. I got away, overnight, with girlfriends. It was a great escape, a wonderful shopping trip, and lots of laughs. It was also a chance to shut my brain off, even if just for a bit, and I think it took almost the entire first day for my mind to clear and for me to relax. Holy crap, I’ve been wound up tight!

Me n’ some o’ the gals, with our patriotic, memorial-day flagaganza cookie. Paired quite nicely with wine (not).
This was one of the other delectable delicacies at the store – the hamburger cake with the pile of crapulous ketchup…


So. I haven’t been blogging. I want desperately to write. But I seriously cannot filter right now. Every day I think of 30 things I could write about and then the ideas slip away. Every night I think of 10 priorities to hit, and none of them involve my personal blog. And so there it is. Life interferes. My brain is abuzz, and my pen is quiet.

Can any of you relate?

Questions or comments?

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