The Sun is shining, so who cares if I like my blog design?

I miss blogging! I have been holding off on posting updates, news, reviews and photos because I am still not happy with how the blog looks, but this getting ridiculous. I just don’t have time to do design right now, and given that I am self-taught in that genre, I am painfully slow at it, and generally just experimenting and playing around. I DON’T have time for that. Really don’t.

And, so, in the interests of writing because I love to write, and posting content because I wanna, here we go.

It’s PLAYTIME! Yes, my girls, now 18 months, are at times asserting their independence, and at other times incredibly short-tempered and frustrated when they can’t do what they want to do. But. The are SO FUN at this age! We have a whole summer of fun park exploration to come. Lots of water parks, pools, sandboxes and ‘WHEE’ on the swings. And Ottawa is such an amazing place to do that. We are so lucky!

I still have a damn ‘cast’ on the arm, and so there has been a lot of time out at Grandma and Grandpa’s on my days off work, but that means some great walks in the country, as well as time on the zebra, in the wagon, and at the park. Here are a few shots and a video to update you all on the girls. And now that I’m back, I’ll try get a few posts up here that don’t always have to do with the girls. And don’t forget that I also blog over at the Losing It in Ottawa blog. I still hope ONE DAY to get back to my athletic roots. I can feel the momentum building. Just watch me…

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