Creepy reality

It’s happening. Slowly but surely reality is creeping back into my daily life.

The day I return to work (albeit part-time) approaches, and certain arrangements are necessary to make. Other professional opportunities are surfacing, bringing this creaky, underused mind back out of park and into first, second gear. And daily life, although mostly still centred on the babies, is also starting to be about other tasks, such as arranging moving details, packing and slowly but surely taking care of Mommy as well as the twins.

I’m pleased about this, but a little wary as well.  I know how tiring professional work can be.  I also know how tiring being a mommy to twins is.  And I think to myself…BOTH?  Hmmmm….Good in a lot of ways for me, but also, likely, tiring.  And still I wonder how I am going to consistently fit in time for Mommy to work on herself and her needs into what is likely to be a bit of a crazy schedule.

Now, I must insert here that I am WELL aware that this situation? Is not unique or new.  Most modern Canadian Moms juggle all the above, every day. I’m just looking at the view from where I am now, and realizing that the short-lived luxury of time off work with a focus solely on the babies is quickly falling away to be replaced by all the above in addition to a heavy focus on the babies.

How do you all do it?  What are your tips and secrets? Where do you feel you compromise and what generally gets the short end of the stick, in your mind? 

And finally, let’s all say it again in unison; “life is just one big adventure”…ain’t it?


3 thoughts on “Creepy reality

  1. I remember thinking how hard the return to work would be, the daycare drop-off, the separation for the baby on a daily basis – but looking back was just the fear of the change in routine that had me all worked up. Turns out, work was like a vacation… (and I went back during H1N1 to public health)! It was a ME break, doing things I liked to do, and being good at something other than picking up cheerios. At the end of each day, picking up my baby was the best present ever. It took about a week and a bit to adjust to the new reality, but after that it was like we had been doing it for years. Now with my second, I'm cherishing my time at home, but I am looking forward to ME time again, and the fun that daycare brings for him – new friends, new experiences… and just some independence from me. Try not to dread it, and if your going back part-time, that's awesome. You'll have the best of both worlds!

  2. When people say “oh, that's so nice that you get a year off” or more recently “wow, I wish I had Fridays off” I want to punch them. I get my first coffee of the day usually at 2pm on Friday. Work is a day off. Sheesh.

  3. I can't wait to see what people post here because although I have a singleton, I can't imagine what life will be like with a return to paid employment. Since you know, this year was all about 'time off' 🙂

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