Way back when…

Things are moving so fast.  I want to slow them down. I’m excited by the new developments and dream of all the cool things the twins will soon be able to do, but just indulge me for a moment as I go backwards.  I have a slight cold, thus my slight tip toward nostalgia.

The other day, I downloaded photos and videos from our very high-tech and lovely videocamera. I love this camera. So easy to use.  However…not so easy to figure out how to format, edit and reduce the size of the videos, so videos will not be posted today.  That said, the video camera takes photos.  The photos downloaded included many from the day the babies were born.

What do I remember from that day? Panicky fear, extreme jubilation, rising trepidation, fuzzy snapshots of activity, the feel of my baby in my arms and against my chest, the feeling of having my other baby held at arm’s length and taken away, helpless to change that fact. I can’t even begin to describe the kaleidoscope of emotions that day conjures up.

Here, a few snapshots from that day.

There’s nothing more to say. This momentous day will forever be etched in my deepest places, and although these shots are all of my little Alex, both of my little girls are my heart and my soul. I am so very very blessed.


Questions or comments?

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