Trippy Dippy Times

Day trips, date nights, and even intercontinental travel – it’s all beginning to happen!

Aside from the fact that I try, as much as possible, to get the three of us out of the house regularly, it has to be said that it’s an energy draining exercise!  Take today’s expedition, for example.  A first trip out to the office. So proud to introduce my girls to my coworkers and that of my husband.  Such a proud poppa.  Such a proud momma. Such a peaceful, sedate and special time…

Yah, it was special alright!  Let’s see.  Poop bombs, monumental spit-ups, leaky boobs (yes, really, I forgot the breast pads, and ended up with a very dark, wet circle over my right boob) and a special – there’s that word again – trip to the store by my coworkers to buy (yes, buy) a new outfit for the second twin, since the first had soiled her original outfit so bad that she already took the backup clothes and left nothing for the Spitup Queen. And that was just at MY former office…

What have I learned?  That my diaper bag, although great, will not house all the supplies I need for a day trip.  Also…I need to take a look at myself before I leave the house and make sure, you know, that I won’t have obvious and strange side-effects visibly prevalent to all around me at awkward times. Aaand…perhaps it was ambitious to try hit two offices on the same day when I still have issues with breastfeeding and satisfying my little sweethearts.

I also infered – quite correctly I’m sure – that travel of a more elaborate nature will require some HEAVY planning.  Such as the trip down to Arizona to visit Grandma and Grandpa this spring.  I’m going to start thinking about how to coordinate and plan for it all now! Got tips?  Know of websites that help? I know they exist…

Also of note…and speaking of getting out…tomorrow night is the first night I will be without either or both of my babies for any time – it’s DATE NIGHT and we have a friend and her daughter coming over to babysit. A big moment.  Wonder what that will feel like? What did it feel like the first time you left your baby home with a sitter/family member?

Trippy, I bet!


4 thoughts on “Trippy Dippy Times

  1. There is a blog with a three part series about flying with baby twins. I read it about 16 times before we took our first trip – an eight hour flight across a major ocean. I don't have time to look for it now, but please remind me and I can try to find it!!

    Also – backpacks are always good. And something spacious? Google 'onbag'. It's the freaking tardis of nappy bags.

  2. Lara – great thought re: backpack diaper bag. we have a GC for MEC I was going to use for that, so will be sure to get there shopping before we leave. The dinner, although lovely, was under 2 hrs. We did okay with it i.e. didn't rush, but sure was happy to get home…

    Jona – good call re: car backup. will have to pack something and keep in there. Will be freezing cold, but still better than having to buy stuff!

  3. I used to carry a decent sized diaper bag, but even then I'd always have a larger backup supply of essentials in the car – extra diapers, extra clothes, an extra shirt for ME, socks, snacks (again, for me), burp cloths, receiving blankets… It was probably overkill, but I had space in the car and figured having a safety net was a Good Thing.

  4. Do you have a backpack diaper bag? I don't think I could have managed without mine.

    The first time we left Kiernan we went out to a restaurant and I think were done ordering and eating in about 45 minutes 😉 a) we didn't know how to eat slowly anymore and b) our anxiety about being away didn't let us take our time.

    Try to enjoy 🙂

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