So…yeah…announcing the arrival of our baby girls!

Exactly one week later, I’d like to finally announce the arrival of baby Alexandra Patricia, 7 pounds, 6 ounces, born on November 3rd at 11:38 a.m., and her little twin sister Hailey Elizabeth, 5 pounds, 12 ounces, born at 11:39.

I’m sitting here as I write this at the side of little Hailey, in the yellow ‘pod’ in the NICU at CHEO, after a week that is almost indescribable, but that ultimately will be the most momentous of my life. Followed closely by each successive week to come, I’m sure. Already today, only two days after her surgery, I just had the heart-bursting privilege of feeding my lovely survivour her first taste of Mommy’s milk. Although through a syringe and into her tummy through a tube, it finally felt like a contribution to her life outside the womb that no one else could offer. Love in liquid form. Overwhelming.

So. Yes. Let’s be honest here. I’m in love with two different ladies and a man and have been trying desperately to manage all these relationships while still retaining some physical and emotional sanity. I have plenty of love to go around, but not enough physicality or time on the clock. Every day has been a day of firsts. Each crazy event is a blog post just waiting to happen, and each minute is another where I have been saying…oh gosh…I gotta remember this; it’ll be a great story. But I have to find time. At this moment, I finally have a full afternoon to spend here at CHEO, and every second that I write this post is a second I lose from reading Hailey a story or holding her hand. Baby Alex is in the family lounge with Grandma and Grandpa, waiting sleepily for more boobage, and after that, Mommy will have to pump for more milk for Hailey before she can go back to ‘hang’ with Hailey again. Still haven’t figured out how to nap. When Alex naps and still get some time with Hailey, but hoping to get a slower pace going now.

Wish me luck, andknow that I have a mountain of posts to come, and one day will find my way to a damn computer to get off this iPhone and get some writing done.

But let’s just leave it at this. Life is a wondrous, magnificent, heart-wrenching and bursting journey. We are all blessed, and if we have love and health, we ought never to be unhappy.

And, it seems, on this iPhone, I can’t go over this post to edit. Hope the typos aren’t too bad… Will fix later

9 thoughts on “So…yeah…announcing the arrival of our baby girls!

  1. WOW that is some achievment and you look fab with that pumpkin btw…congratulations to all 4 of you and God bless and keep you happy and safe today and always.

  2. Congratulations to you! I've been following your story closely and am so happy to hear that the girls are doing well. I can understand some of your challenges, we spent a few days in the hospital with Celine after she was born early. Lots of pumping and little sleep that's for sure. You are a trooper. Hopefully you can sneak in a nap soon …

  3. So blissfully happy reading this. Of all the possible outcomes you were facing this is all pretty wonderful. Wishing you peace and rest, plentiful boobage and a chance to master the art of the nap. xoxo

  4. don't worry about typos's silly! Thanks for the upate. You will get your groove going yet sweetie!

    Sounds like you are well on your way!


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