A poem of love and welcome

Tumbling, squirming
punching, kicking
you grew from nothing
but the love and desire
of two who want you
love you
more than you will ever know

Inside, you two together
make me laugh
worry, pee and smile
so safe and cozy
but life isn’t and so
you must join us, tomorrow
where we’ll be here for you every day thereafter

You may not know it
but you are the core
of all that we are
and all that is beautiful
in life
worth any and all
heartbreak, fear, sacrifice, risk

Convinced of  your strength
and with our conviction
that you will fight
for every breath
for life
an army of love
is behind you both

Welcome, my twins
meeting you both
will be powerful
the biggest event ever to take place
in our lives, and the start
of your amazing journeys


8 thoughts on “A poem of love and welcome

  1. I loved this when I first read it and it gave me chills again. Sounds like you did wonderful at BOLO tonight. Sad I missed it! 😦

  2. What a lovely poem, Pam. The girls will treasure it forever. You guys are going to do great tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!!

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