Roly poly belly woman makes it to 36 weeks – Term for twins

Yup – the three of us have done it.  We’ve made it to term for twins, and so far, all signs point to having a bit more time to ‘cook’ the little ones.  We still don’t know if Baby B has gained weight (they only do those measurements every two weeks and so Thursday next week will hopefully tell us she’s bigger and better than ever), but all her vital signs, and that of Baby A are looking really good.

And holy crap are they ever active!  Some crazy movements happening with this belly of mine, at all hours of the day and pretty constantly.  This is something I am going to miss dearly – it is really fun to watch, touch and play with their little arms and legs that are flying all over in there.

So even though the bags are packed, and Baby A is still breech (so, yeah, we are still looking at a forced C-section unless that changes), I’m feeling pretty okay, all things considered, and am heading out shortly for a chick night at a friend’s house.  Quite excited to see everyone.  Now…

What the heck to wear?


One thought on “Roly poly belly woman makes it to 36 weeks – Term for twins

  1. What an exciting time for you. Can't wait to chat and have lunch next week. Still need to pick a day. Much love from another twin mom.

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