Diary of a Whimpy Pregnant Lady

Not even 2 hours of helping paint final touches on our basement, and I’m down for the count, my friends, and I even did the stair baseboards sitting down! 

It is absolutely crazy how little physical work I can do (and, ya know, by work I mean, uh…walking n’ simple stuff) and have my body tell me almost immediately “okay, honeybuns, that’s enough for you today!”

Yesterday we went for a massive shopping trip to get a lot of the items we still needed for the babies.  It was a trip to 2 stores, yo, and my body was so tired when I got home that I had multiple, repeated Braxon Hicks contractions that were stronger than usual, causing me to time them and pay very close attention…just in case.  Thankfully after some rest, some water and some food, they quieted down. 

So yeah…I’m a whimp right now.  Want to steal my purse? You got it – I can’t fight. Think you, you little 2 year old who just learned to walk, can beat me in a foot race?  The ribbon is yours. Dust mites, dirt and little stuff on the floor having fun hanging out?  Loitering is totally permitted in my world.  Well, at least until my Mother sets her sight on the cleaning, ’cause I’m just not up for it!

Sleepless nights with hideous heartburn doesn’t help.

But hey…the babies are kicking and movin’ and groovin’ along to their own beat, and as long as this is the status quo, I don’t mind being a whimp.

Oh, and basement reno before and after pix to come soon…


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