Shuffle shuffle piddle piddle

Ya know, when you reach this stage of pregnancy (and especially if you have two in there), I don’t begrudge anyone who sniggers at me.  I seriously don’t.  I look funny.  I move funny. I’m awkward. I grunt when I try to stand up, and I URGENTLY have to go pee like clockwork at a minimum every 2 hours throughout the night. 

Now granted, the relief I feel once ‘relieved’ is in no way directly proportionate to the amount I have expelled.  Nooooooo.  It’s at best a trickle, people.  Or, as it were, a piddle.  Like a little puppy, really.  But immensely, immensely satisfying.

I’m even laughing at myself.  I caught sight of myself in a window at the General yesterday.  While just a rendering on a laptop touch pad (so, ya know, really rough), this is approximately what I saw when I looked sideways:

Shocking, when you just randomly catch site of yourself.  No wonder I catch my hubby doing double takes.  No wonder he can’t help himself from the occasional chuckle.  And yes, no wonder I laugh at myself.  ‘Cause people, it’s just funny!

BTW – Baby A is now 4lb 3oz and Baby B is 3lb 8oz (but likely heavier, as her abdomen measurement can skew their results) and we are at 33 weeks today.

Have a great weekend!


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