Bonding with Baby A

I will tolerate any level of discomfort if it comes with play time with my babies. 

Now this is not to say that Baby B isn’t part of the action, but she is certainly not crazy active like Baby A is!  Imagine, if you will, you wake at 4am and feel kicks/punches and movement in your belly. So cool.  You can visibly see your stomach moving around.  Awesome.  And then you realize, when you respond by pushing down and around on the tummy where the ‘body parts’ are elbowing, punching and kicking, that after a moment, the baby responds to your touch at the spot you are touching! 

Little baby parts, responding to your touch, playful. Speechless with joy.  Laughter. Fun.  – it’s amazing, folks.  Truly cool. 

I love these little babies more than I can express.  It’s too much for words.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Be sure to experience joyful exuberance if you can!


Questions or comments?

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