The hourglass is half full, people!

This weekend, we hit the 20 week mark – and that’s actually the halfway mark for a normal pregnancy, but having seen the stats this past weekend at the multiple birth classes, there were NO deliveries of twins past 40 weeks at the Civic, thus…uh…we are past the halfway point.

What does this mean? Um…apparently it means my feet are all of a sudden gonna start swelling (’cause that’s what happened).  It means that I finally seem to be growing quickly (and by deduction, so must the babies be growing). And it means that I’m starting to finally get a little uncomfortable. I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far, but I know the tough part is on the way.  And the recent onslaught of heartburn hasn’t been a welcome addition either!  BUT.

It’s all worth it, right?

And so I have had a bummy, poopy, hormone-down kinda day today, but because the heat is on outside and the sun is shining, I am going to try to turn the tide by hitting the outdoor city pool shortly.  Nothing better than swimming under the sun.  Granted, there are guaranteed to be a number of unsupervised kids splashing around, so tranquil it won’t be, but then…my life won’t be very tranquil for much longer, so I best get used to that environment, hmmmm?

How about you?  What did you do to get out of a hormonal funk while pregnant?


3 thoughts on “The hourglass is half full, people!

  1. Hey hot stuff, the hormone funk will pass. I mean it when I say that even if you're prego, you must splurge and buy yourself one outfit that you STILL feel sexy in. Seriously. They exist, and you must own one.
    Put it on and tell your husband you'll be ready at 6pm for your special dinner out (hint hint). 🙂

  2. The weather lifts my spirits as much as Canada Day itself – what a great weekend forecast finally! Yes, the swelling seems to be 'encouraged' by hot weather, so it will be a crazy summer, but ya know…it's all such a cool experience, and no wonder my body is doing weird things – it's growing two little baby girls! Cheers and good luck with everything – want to hear all about the home birth for sure!

  3. Hopefully the swelling has gone down a bit with the change in weather. I have mostly good days now, I am still tired, but not as tired as the beginning. I'm actually excited, as I have been learning more about home birth and hypnobirthing too. Canada Day in Ottawa should definitely lift your spirits.

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