Out with the old, in with the new

So last night, as I was enjoying a nice dinner with my parents, I mentioned the fact that my belly is already so big that I was getting stressed about how I was going to get the belly ring out of my belly, since the ring opening function wasn’t working. Essentially if it didn’t come out soon, it was gonna rip out.

Thus, the scene five minutes later, with me and my top hiked up and Dad coming at me with wire-cutting capable pliers. 

I got the belly ring in my 20’s, when indie films was my game, and scraping money together for rent each month was my key objective.  Times change.  Yes, if I wanted to put the ring back in, I might be able to, but you know? That belly ring was the old, and there’s a LOT of new about to happen. 

I  think I will just focus instead on trying to get the belly back to FLAT after the twins arrive. That, in and of itself, will be a tough objective to achieve.

Just another little defining moment on this cool journey.  What were some of yours?


Questions or comments?

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