Music – Catharsis, relaxation and passion

From time to time I encounter people who aren’t that ‘into’ music. Alan Rock did a The Ongoing History of New Music ditty that talked about the fact that some people are truly lacking the gene that appreciates patterns in rhythm, which, he says, is why humans are drawn to music and to creating sound and regular beats. He, of course, says this much more eloquently than I, but no matter…the point is that I have ALWAYS been passionate about music, and if I am tense, or stressed, or sad, or extremely happy – whatever my mental state – I need music. I just can’t go very long without it.

Are you this way? Do you have radio stations set up and want to share your faves or tastes? I am an avid user of and would love to share some of my faves with you. Go to my station. Set up your own. Remind me of songs I am forgetting that are exceptional. And if you do this, and you want to share, add me as a favourite, and I will add you to mine. Fun stuff.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Questions or comments?

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