Hump Day – Whatever Gets You Through

Yeah….the collective 4 food group rating on my dinner tonight would be…. negative 45%. Ya know those days when your work day is tough, you are tired, nothing is planned for dinner, AND it’s hump day….

It’s a bloody boobie trap (ha – she said booby.  Well, if I grow, I tend to grow there too, so…). 

You get home, you collapse on the couch, your husband is already there, and you both look at each other and say “What do you want for dinner?”

Ultimately, you pick up the phone, order something nasty gooooood (tonight’s devine mess was Wild Wings wings AND a side of poutine, folks.  I wasn’t kidding -45%) and wait for indulgence to come to you…there…here….on the couch.

So sad.

But, it got me through!

Questions or comments?

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