Slow and steady wins the race

Discovery, discovery, discovery.  I’ve been so tired at the end of every day for months now because I am trying to be a sponge and just soaking everything up, but I also don’t have a lot of patience.  I bought this domain, and so of course I want to get it up and running. 

But I need to do this one. step. at. a. time.  Today that meant discovering that I couldn’t simply sign up with WordPress and get my unique domain without paying to have it there, so then began the realization that there are a million places to buy and host domains out there and GoDaddy was certainly not necessarily the best and/or only place to go.  This led me to once again rely on the fantastic connections I have made and to discovery of another hosting/domain company that has a one-click WordPress install button and other lovely features (not to mention a massive sale on the hosting costs for a year).

So.  With the help of a fantastic local blogger/personality/music lover, I have now at the very least found the company and signed on for a host.  Now I need to go to the original company and figure out how to transfer the domain over to the new supplier, then set things up. Lots to figure out how to do, but…one step at a time, right? 

More to come!


Questions or comments?

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