I DID it! The birthdate of a new blog: Me2pointoh.com !!!

Okay…so thanks to my friends on Twitter, I have finally taken the plunge to buy the domain name I have wanted to start this second “What the hell am I doing?” blog that will be all about my forays, stumbles, success stories and embarrassing moments in social media communications.  I see it as an account of some of my observations, resources I find and what they are good for, and PLENTY of comments about what isn’t going right along the way.  I CANNOT WAIT! 

Of course…now I have to design the damn thing!  Will be starting with a WordPress theme of some sort, and welcome any and all help you have.  I long for good advice, people!!!

But…it’s a start, and it is very exciting to me to, as one of my tweeps said, “own a little piece of the internet”!

Cool.  Time for bed.

Twitter Tip: every Sunday evening, people use the hashtag #blogchat to discuss their blogs, ideas, best practices and offer help. It’s great.  Tune in.  (about 9pm EST)

2 thoughts on “I DID it! The birthdate of a new blog: Me2pointoh.com !!!

  1. Hey Patrick, thanks so much! We'll see just how long it takes me to get this blog up and running, though – I have a few things on my plate these days, and as I think I've mentioned, I'm a perfectionist, so will want to do this right!

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