Wow..what a nose…bottle one of my under $10 traipse through the LCBO

Yesterday, I received a newsletter in my inbox from TorontoLife magazine. Now, I don’t live in TO, but I often visit, and I like to know what’s goin’ on, where to eat, where to drink and what to do…okay…where to shop, really. This particular edition had a juicy title that simply jumped off the page.

Now, I will preface by saying that the Mezzomondo is one I already buy copiously. Great value wine. The others I am going to try, I need to find, first, since the Rideau Centre LCBO didn’t have (or was sold out) of the cheap wines. Coincidence?…

I did find bottle one, though. Just opened it, actually. Highly appropriate, since it is hump day, and what I love buying these wines for is my Dr. Pam recommended “take one glass in long, slow sips each night” prescription throughout the work week.

But I digress. I just opened it. It is item number five on the list, the Pedras do Monte.
Wow. Boom Boom Pow on the nose, man! It has been a long time since I had a bouquet like this! So what am I getting? Well, for certain, I am getting the licorice mentioned – and realizing that THIS is truly licorice as opposed to anise, which has less sugar/sweet on the nose and is a bit more subtle. Ain’t nuthin subtle here. Lots of rips wild blackberry on the nose – no pansy strawberry here (I disagree with the reference to vague blackberry…I think there is lots here). And on the nose, I am not getting all that much smoke, but a bit of fresh tobacco…sure.

Okay. I’ve let it breathe plenty. Yay…I get to sip now (and now, I never spit, sorry – that stuff is gold and meant to be swallowed, imbibed, enjoyed).

Okaaaaay! I would NEVER guess at the price of this wine! It’s full bodied, a bit aggressive on the tannins, but then, I like those. I’m getting the vanilla from the oak, especially lingering on the palate – great finish. This is great. Hmm….I think I have a new fave cheapie.

Gosh…can’t wait to taste the next 5 or 6 I have earmarked! Until then…cheers!


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