Day three

I guess today is communication day. Time to get on the phone, and talk to key people about what has happened and buy some time to work through it. It will be the first day (hopefully) where nothing too hideous happens – it SHOULD just be status quo, which is something I can handle. Blessedly (but not happily) the belly seems to be flattening out a bit, which can’t happen fast enough for me right now, and I guess it is time to eat breakfast. Total lack of interest in this, of course, but we’re going to go to Home Depot this morning in order to keep ‘doing stuff’ while the sky is overcast. If the weather forecast holds up, I will be back outdoors a little later, and just keeping busy.

And maybe, just maybe, tonight I will have some wine, since that is now allowed.

Time marches on!


Questions or comments?

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