When monopolies are great things…

Okay, so I admit that I am a Food & Drink junkie. I am a foodie, a wino and love every single glitzy, glamourous, glossy page of this bi-monthly magazine. This, of course, is in direct contrast with the fact that I feel for the independent and small winemakers in Ontario and other parts of Canada and the world who suffer because of the insane restrictions and regulations and politics behind the LCBO. But….I love Vintages and I ADORE F&D.

How much do I love F&D? Each year I never fail to contact the LCBO via email to ask for the exact release date of each of their issues, then add them to both my home and work outlook calendar so as not to miss picking up the latest issue. Because they are seasonal in nature, for MOST people, it is just serendipity (or a propensity for imbibing a lot of wine and/or spirits) that brings them at the right time in through their controlling doors to light upon the rack of quickly dwindling printed recipes, photographs and mouth-watering culinary dreamyness that is this magazine. Oh, to have the time, money, a kitchen, and wine cellar space to support this ever-growing addiction…but in time (because I keep every issue I have ever picked up), I will have some of these, if not all…

But I digress. The Spring 2009 just came out, and OMG – get out to get one before they are all gone. Seriously. A feature on fantastic healthy but oh-so-tasty recipes awaits you as does a lazy stroll through incredible Spanish and Portuguese wines and succulent recipes from the old country. And believe me, my husband is going to be uber-happy about that, given that ever since our honeymoon to the Spanish countryside in September, he has been obsessed with anything and everything that originates from that stunning country. Sprinkle in a feature on clam classics, and various cocktails turned into – yup, you guess it – jellied nibblies a la ‘jello shooters’, and you’ve got a great issue.

Yup…sometimes monopolies are a good thing….yummmm….


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