My roots at 24 frames per second

You know, every now and again I go back in time a bit to a world I used to inhabit, live, breathe, and struggle in. It was a time of intense creativity, flagrant mistreatment of my body, and relative poverty where I used a line of credit to pay my rent for months at a time…but it was great. Really , really great.

This video that I have seen featured on youtube for a while now, illustrates how film and photography coupled with vision and ingenuity, can create a really compelling piece of art. It is lovely – beautiful, fun and one of the best videos I have seen in a long time. And maybe because I see it from a filmmmaker’s eyes, I know just how much effort and VERY careful orchestration went into this excellent piece. I hope it leads to great things for the creator, because it is really well done. Here it is:


Questions or comments?

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