Double Breast Strokes?

Yes, yes, yes! 76 laps of the pool in 45 minutes, with a mix of butterfly, egg-beater drills, sprints and breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke, followed by 10 minutes in a nice, hot sauna at my new “health club”…and I am happy. Add that to some good wine and conversation after work (oh…yeah, did I mention drinks?) with coworkers, and it was a good day. A great way to ease into the weekend, and a good way to remind myself that even amongst changes in our team, there are still some faaaabulous teammates around me.

In particular, I have two girlfriends, soon to be my immediate neighbours, who are single and looking for guys. What fun! I want to hear about their escapades and see what vicarious living I can do through them, but also, see if I can help somehow (???). And, I have to say, one of them said something that she may not have realized meant a hill of beans to me, but in fact gave me a major boost and made me feel wonderful. It is nice to get an insight into how others see you and realize that they see you in a really great light, when you doubt yourself. Why do we do that? Why not believe that others think we’re great first, and only doubt it when we find out otherwise? ah….lack of confidence…the root of all evil.

In any event, it was a great way to lead off the weekend, and with a shout out to my great girlfriends at work, I bid you a great weekend!

Now…time to pour another glass of wine, and watch a little What Not to Wear (and maybe a little Miss America crap – I told you there would be some bad reality TV on this blog. BTW – anyone get a kick out of Double Shot at Love like we do? It is crappy, hideously bad reality TV with two sexy blond bisexual [yeah, whatever!] chicks looking for “love”….).


Questions or comments?

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